“Pathway for Improvement” CME Can Make Your Team Stronger

There's no getting around it—providing constructive feedback can be a challenge. "Pathway for Improvement," PAMED's interactive CME

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program and survey tool, offers you a way to facilitate conversations that can lead to a better work environment and better patient care.

Gain insight into your team and earn up to two credits of CME toward your patient safety and risk management requirement. Just complete these two steps:

Step One: Learn More About Providing Constructive Feedback
Begin with four articles that will help get you ready to evaluate your practice environment. You'll learn more about topics like hospital-medical staff relationships.

Step Two: Take the Physician Survey
Use the material you've just read as a foundation to start thinking about your own health care organization in a different way. You will review a series of statements about your group's culture and then rate those statements. For example:

  •  "There are physician leadership opportunities within my organization."
  •  "We have adequate staff to provide the support I need to care for my patients."

And, you will have a chance to share suggestions on how you could improve or change the situation, if needed.

The survey also offers group participation options. For information on how the physicians on your health care team can complete "Pathway for Improvement" as a group, contact Leslie Howell at lhowell@pamedsoc.org. Or, call our Knowledge Center at 855-PAMED4U (855-726-3348).

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