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Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016

These online, on-demand webinars offer CME credit in a variety of hot topics in leadership and management. Each one-hour webinar is available for $49 per course.

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Want to find out which courses are right for you? Read the descriptions below.

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Discounts for Group Packages
Discounts are offered to groups purchasing four webinars for three or more physicians:

  • Package 1:
    • Purchase sessions for 3-10 PAMED members, package of 4 webinars - $159 per person, savings of $37 per person.*
    • Purchase sessions for 11-20 PAMED members, package of 4 webinars - $129 per person, savings of $67 per person.*
  • Package 2:
    • Participants review webinars in a group setting with a facilitator:
    • Purchase sessions for up to 15 PAMED members, package of 4 webinars, includes a facilitator from PAMED if desired - $2,640 per year, savings of $300*

Contact Leslie Howell, PAMED's Director of CME, Training, and Physician Leadership Programs, at (717) 909-2624 to learn about options for group packages or to register a group.

Course Descriptions

Diversity and Inclusion in Patient Populations

Many cultures make up America, and physician leaders succeed best with patients and colleagues when they gain appreciation for diversity and attain cultural competence. Tap into curiosity and concern for others to gain that leadership edge. Sign up for course

Faculty: Leonard M. Randolph, Jr., MD, MS, FACPE, FACS

Ethical Challenges of Physician Executives

Prepare to make tough calls on resource allocation, patient refusal of care and other complex ethical conflicts that affect medical providers. See how to build ethics into the culture of your organization. Sign up for course

Faculty: Laurence McCullough, PhD

Feedback Fundamentals

Be clear about what you want and get the information you need with effective use of feedback. Use this powerful tool to focus on actions and behaviors that support the organization's vision and mission. Sign up for course

Faculty: Allison Linney, MBA

Finance in Health Care Organizations -  Financial Accounting

Get a concise overview of key financial concepts and basic economics that physician leaders need to know to converse in finance. Explore financials essential to key decisions made by organizations. Sign up for course

Faculty: Hugh Long, MBA, PhD, JD

Essentials of Health Law

Get a concise overview of health care laws and how they affect provider organizations. Examine key issues of medical error liability, managed care contracting, patient rights and employment opportunity. Sign up for course

Faculty: Sara Fontenot, BSN, JD, CSP

Interdisciplinary Teams

Optimize your use of the skills of the providers on your team through effective leadership. Effective interdisciplinary teams improve patient outcomes and satisfaction and enhance employee sense of justice. Sign up for course

Faculty: William "Marty" Martin, MA, MS, MPH, PsyD, CHES

IT:  Communication, Change Management & Training

Develop and execute a communication strategy with key skills that are relevant to all the stakeholders on your team. Create a change management strategy to support physician clinical systems buy-in. Sign up for course

Faculty: Angela Tiberio, MD

Leading Change in Complex Organizations

Change management skills are essential to the success of information technology projects. Examine key skills including clear communication, conflict resolution and goal setting that are required. Sign up for course

Faculty: Don Detmer, MD, MA, FACMI, FACS

IT: Organizational Culture, Governance, and Quality

Build understanding of the organization's culture through environmental analysis, readiness assessment, clinician needs analysis, governance and leadership. Build project success and meet end users' needs. Sign up for course

Faculty: Edward Wu, MD, MBA

You're it! Practicing High Stakes Meta-Leadership

Build leadership across silos and break down barriers through understanding of team integration and work styles. Connect people with different agendas to a singular mission through leadership. Sign up for course

Faculty: Leonard Marcus, PhD

Physician Engagement: Integrating Systems – Buy-In, Trust and Resistance 

Learn how to get physician buy-in and how to set a compelling vision for change. Use performance metrics and training to enhance leadership development and gain alignment with the mission. Sign up for course

Faculty: Stephen Beeson, MD

Negotiation Skills in Management: Win/Win Approach to Negotiation

Employ proven techniques that are building blocks of the negotiating process. Preparation and strategies help avoid conflict and lead to win-win outcomes that enhance working relationships. Sign up for course

Faculty: Linda Babcock, PhD

Strategic Thinking & Decision-Making

Strategic thinking focuses on desired future outcomes through current choices and leads to better decision-making. Build skills to create, plan and implement successful strategies. Sign up for course

Faculty:  William "Marty" Martin, MA, MS, MPH, PsyD, CHES

High Reliability

Use systems thinking and analysis of events to enhance human performance in complex environments. Improve team performance throughout an organization and minimize error and waste. Sign up for course

Faculty:  Jeff Norton, BSME, MSME

Strengthen Communication Skills

Communicate effectively through knowing your own behavioral tendencies and understanding how those affect others. Develop strategies to improve your relationships and value individual differences. Sign up for course

Faculty: Tim Keogh, PhD

Value Based Purchasing

Explore the evolution of performance payment models and see how patient satisfaction and IT play big roles. The transition from volume to value has huge implications across the health care industry. Sign up for course

Faculty: Sarah Fontenot, BSN, JD, CSP

lead by listening

Understand how active listening sets the foundation for effective leadership. During this webinar, you will develop self-awareness about what makes listening difficulty for you and learn techniques for being a more effective listener. Sign up for course

Faculty: Allison Linney, MBA

using your emotions...intelligently

Engage the necessary skills to elicit connection, communication, and cooperation. Sign up for course

Faculty: Kevin O' Connor, CSP

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