Recognition and Reporting of Child Abuse (CME)

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  1. Kevin D. Clark | Jan 05, 2019
    I clicked the reddish-orange button to "view the full list of mandated reports" and I got this site instead.
  2. Allan Segal | Nov 14, 2018

    I took and passed this CME  for child abuse  in 2016 and again today. I went to PALS to renew my licence. They took my credit card info, processed the  payment, but my application shows they did NOT get my child abuse CME info today.

    Please ensure that it is sent .  There is no way to really contact a human at PALS. 

    I am in the retired active status yet had to do this child abuse tract yet again, and also 2 cme hours for opioid abuse. It would be nice if PMS got us retirees exemptions from the standard licensure regs, but we seem to be forgotten in their haste to comply with the legislature. 

  3. Gregory C. Kane | Oct 06, 2018

    This is helpful.

    Dr. Gregory Kane

  4. PAMED Staff | Jul 16, 2018

    Dr Silbert,

    Suggest you change your browser.  If you still experience access difficulty, please email the directly for assistance.  Thank you.

  5. Richard R. Silbert | Jul 16, 2018

    Hi I was able to view without difficulty part 1 of the training but when I click on part 2 I get a blank screen (and this occurs even if I log out and log back in) and refreshing the screen doesn't help

    Can you suggest a solution? thanks, Rich Silbert 

  6. PAMED Staff | Jul 02, 2018
    Dr Deitrick Your request for the child abuse certificate of completion was forwarded to PAMED's Knowledge Center (  Completion was verified and a certificate was emailed to you today.  Thank you.
  7. David J. Deitrick | Jun 29, 2018
    I can't seem to locate my certificate for the child abuse CME.  Would you please email it to me?  Thank you!
  8. PAMED Staff | Jun 20, 2018
    Dr Bowers.  Your request for a 2017 certificate of completion for the child abuse training was forwarded to PAMED's Knowledge Center (  They did verify completion and emailed the certificate to you today. Thank you for your membership!
  9. David W. Bowers | Jun 20, 2018

    I think I completed this course in 2017 but I can't locate my certificate.  How can I verify that I completed the course?

    Thank you,

    David W Bowers

  10. Jeff Wirick | May 11, 2018
    Hi Dr. Borker, yes, this is the child abuse reporting and recognition course you can complete to fulfill Act 31. As a resident, after you review the content, you should take post-course assessment that is marked “Training License (Resident),” which is the second bullet point under No. 3 to get credit for the course. PAMED will automatically transmit your course completion data to the state.
  11. Priya Borker | May 10, 2018
    Can you confirm that this is the ACT 31 clearance?
  12. Jeff Wirick | May 04, 2018
    Hello Dr. Konstantinidis, yes your certificate should automatically get submitted electronically to the state after you complete our online course and complete the assessments. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to assist - please email PAMED at
  13. Ioannis Konstantinidis | May 03, 2018
    Does the certificate automatically get electronically submitted from the PA Med Society to the Board of Medicine for an initial license?
  14. Jeff Wirick | Feb 06, 2018
    Dr. Liu, thanks for your comment. The content you were trying to access is a Member Only benefit. You can access our Child Abuse CME but logging in from the top of the page with your username and password. Please let us know if you need assistance with your username or password. 
  15. Frank Yang Liu | Feb 02, 2018
    Where Is the training? I cannot find it

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