Governor Signs Bills to Allow Physicians to Use a Designee to Complete PA Supervisory Agreements

Last Updated: Jul 3, 2019

keyboard-computer-articleOn July 2, 2019, Gov. Tom Wolf signed two bills into law which will allow a physician to appoint a designee to assist in the online completion of physician assistant (PA) supervisory agreements through the Pennsylvania Department of State's (DOS) new online PALS licensing system. Physicians would still be required to review and approve the electronic submission of the agreement.  

Supervisory agreements are currently submitted through a manual paper process. DOS will soon be transitioning to an online process utilizing PALS. The online process developed would require physicians to personally enter supervisory agreements into PALS. The new legislation would allow a designee, such as office staff, to assist in entering this information into PALS. Designees are not currently permitted to access PALS on a licensee's behalf. 

It is important to note that the new laws do not eliminate the requirement that physicians must review and, ultimately sign off on, any written supervisory agreements. They simply provide physicians with the same flexibility with the PALS system that they had with the previous manual submission process through DOS.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society worked with Sen. John Gordner, prime sponsor of the bills (Act 68 of 2019 and Act 69 of 2019), to ensure that the legislative language was limited to delegation.

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