PAMED Physician Leaders Vote to Explore a Virtual Option for 2020 House of Delegates

Last Updated: May 7, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) Board of Trustees held their previously scheduled regular quarterly meeting virtually on May 6, 2020.

HOD-articlePAMED’s Board weighed input provided by physician members on whether a face-to-face House of Delegates (HOD) should be held, as originally planned, at the Hershey Lodge in October 2020.

Given concerns about the ongoing impact COVID-19, the Board of Trustees voted to cancel the current contract with the Hershey Lodge for the in-person 2020 HOD. PAMED will continue to explore options, to include virtual options, and to report back at the August 2020 Board meeting.

We will continue to keep our members informed on decisions regarding member engagement options for PAMED’s 2020 HOD.

PAMED members are encouraged to share your input! If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions concerning a virtual HOD (such as technology ideas), we encourage you to connect with your trustee. View a list of PAMED trustees and contact information.

Additional issues addressed by PAMED’s Board include:

  • Advocate to support outpatient services with COVID-19 resources and rapid testing – The Board approved a request from PAMED’s Specialty Leadership Cabinet, a group of medical specialty leaders, to ask the state to ensure the priority of resources and increase rapid testing capacity for all outpatient services, including but not limited to ASCs and congregate care facilities.

    PAMED offers a wide variety of COVID-19 resources to assist physicians and practices at

  • PAMED’s Innovation Grant Program – The innovation grant program for the October 2020 to September 2021 grant cycle will be paused due to demands on physicians related to the COVID-19 emergency. This pause will also allow the 2019 grant recipients to resume work on projects that have, in some cases, been significantly slowed due to COVID-19. Learn more about PAMED’s 2019 Innovation Grant recipients at

  • New Specialty Trustee – Neurologist Maria Sunseri, MD, FAASM, was approved to fill the vacant medical specialty trustee position on PAMED’s Board.

  • Care Centered Collaborative  PAMED's for-profit subsidiary shared its new quarterly update. Get news on the progress of the PA Clinical Network, the Collaborative's physician-led clinically integrated network. Find current and past reports here.

  • Pennsylvania Physician Magazine - The Board voted to discontinue publication of PAMED’s magazine, Pennsylvania Physician, beginning in 2021. Staff will begin to explore new ways to share the pertinent content in other ways.

PAMED’s Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet next on Aug, 11-12, 2020.  You can find out more about PAMED’s Board, including minutes from previous meetings, at

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