Bill to Allow Pennsylvania to Fully Participate in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Wins Approval in Pa. House

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Legislation that will allow Pennsylvania to become a full participant in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) has been introduced passed the Pa. House on March 24, 2021. It's now awaiting consideration by Senate Professional Licensure Committee.

HB 192, introduced by Rep. Jesse Topper, addresses concerns that have prevented Pennsylvania from fully participating in the IMLC. HB 192 in its entirety can be accessed here.

The IMLC is a compact among participating states to streamline the licensing process for physicians who want to practice in multiple jurisdictions. It offers a voluntary, expedited pathway to licensure for physicians who qualify. A majority of states have passed legislation to participate in the IMLC.

Act 112 of 2016 permitted Pennsylvania to join the IMLC. However, due to concerns raised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in regard to information sharing for purposes of criminal background checks, Pennsylvania has not been a full participant in the IMLC. 

To address these concerns, HB 192 provides that a criminal history background check for expedited licensure applicants will be conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police. The applicant’s fingerprints will then be submitted to the FBI for a national criminal history records check.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) will continue to monitor this legislation as it moves forward and provide updates to members accordingly. 


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