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Sixteen (16) active or associate members of the Society submitted a proposed bylaws amendment to the secretary of the Society for publication in the Official Call and business of the House in 2020. The proposed bylaws amendment would increase the number of IMG Section delegates to the House from one (1) to thirteen (13). In addition, the proposed bylaws amendment would create an IMG Section governing council and revise aspects of the IMG Section business meeting.

By way of background, the IMG Section has had one (1) delegate to the House since 1998 and has 2,585 members (as of August 31, 2019). Should this amendment be approved, representation per delegate would be 1 delegate per approximately 200 IMG members (2,585/13).

Per the Society’s Budget Department, it costs approximately $1,200 per delegate for each annual meeting. Provided the estimate of $1,200 for each delegate, 13 delegates would cost approximately $15,600. While the IMG Section has indicated its desire to pay for its alternates, currently, there is no mechanism in the bylaws or Society policy that mandates this. Therefore, if the IMG Section is unable to cover the costs for its alternates, it would cost an additional $1,200 to the Society for each alternate delegate the IMG Section could not cover.
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