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Res. 20-503, Disparities in Physician Workforce and Healthcare

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RESOLVED that the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) include in their strategic plan partnerships with affected minority organizations and leaders in medicine to develop an aggressive plan to substantially increase the number of minority physicians in PA over the next ten (10) years.

RESOLVED PAMED critically review minority representation in leadership roles in the organization and implement a corrective action plan that will result in a reflection of minority representation in America.

RESOLVED that PAMED advocate that the AAMC and the AACOM require their medical schools critically review and revise admission policies and practices and diversify their admission committees to increase the number of qualified minority candidates admitted.

RESOLVED that PAMED advocate that the AAMC and the AACOM require their medical schools implement policies and procedures that ensure an inclusive environment and implement methods to facilitate lowering attrition rates among minority students.

RESOLVED that PAMED vigorously advocate, in collaboration with minority organizations and leaders, for legislation to ensure adequate funding for minority educational opportunities to pursue careers in medicine.

RESOLVED that PAMED, in collaboration with affected minority organizations and leaders, develop a plan to facilitate predominately minority school districts in PA to encourage and increase the number of students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses.
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