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Res. 20-207, Protecting the Food Supply During a Pandemic

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Therefore, be it Resolved: that our Pennsylvania Physicians and Governor work together to protect our food supply chains and evaluate the possibility of preserving healthy food that is being discarded, perhaps with USDA oversight, within Pennsylvania and the USA, to the food banks. And Be it further

Resolved: that emergency plans for food storage and dried or packaged food should be implemented in preparation for major food shortages should we experience worse Covid epidemic in the fall.

Be it further resolved that Pa Med evaluate vitamin and food support for children not attending school in person who may lack vitamin D and zinc and other nutrients.

Be it further Resolved: that the Pa Med work toward advocating for Country of Origin Labeling COOL and Protections from the potential dangers of beef from Namibia Africa or any country that has relatively recent cases of Hoof and Mouth Virus or other significant diseases such as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

Be it further Resolved that our PA Med Support Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) of food including imported beef or other meat from Africa or other countries coming into Pennsylvania.

Be it further Resolved that Pa Med support the formation of a Task force to make urgent recommendations to state authorities and disseminate information regarding food shortages and food safety. PAMED is requested to make resources of medical society available to form a task force of at least 5 interested member volunteers to meet no later than 3 months after the 2020 HOD to make urgent recommendations regarding food shortages and food safety and disseminate information to our members and state authorities.
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