Reference Committee E (Membership/Leadership/Subsidiaries)

The following resolutions, which will be acted on by the House of Delegates, are intended to provide background and context for those attending the meeting.

Reference Committee:
Timothy Welby, MD - Chair
Nathan Hoff
Wilma Light, MD
Mylaina Sherwood, MD
Thomas Weida, MD

Order of Business (Ref. E)

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19-501 Recording Executive Committee and Finance Committee Meetings, Including Decisions Made By Email

Background Material 
19-502 Use of Consent Calendar/Agenda

Background Material 
19-503 The Pennsylvania Medical Society Foundation Physicians' Health Program (PHP) Create An Appeals Process For Physicians…

Background Materials 
19-504 Maintain Transparency of BOT, Exec Cmte, and HOD Delegates by Publishing Electronic Voting Results and Publishing a Record of…

Background Material 
19-505 Create Redistricting Task Force to Address Issue of Regionalization Across Districts

Background Material 
19-506 Change Back Resolution Deadline

Background Material 
19-507 Correction of Inaccurate Communication from PAMED

Background Material 
19-508 Review of Disparity Between Dues-Paying vs. Non-Dues Paying Members to Allocate Seats at the House of Delegates

Background Material 
19-509 Returning the American Medical Association to Fully Represent Its Members and Not Its Financial Interests

Background Material 
19-510 Transparency in the Sale of PAMED HQ and Plan for New Construction

Background Material 
BOT 8 PAMED Association Health Plan

Background Material
BOT 9 Res 18-513: County and Joint County Magazines and Incorporation of Statewide Magazine as Insert

Background Material
BOT 10 Res 18-515: Reassessment of Unified Dues Model Between the Pennsylvania Medical Society and Component Medical Societies

Background Material
BOT 11 Res 17-502: Financing for Student and Resident Delegates

Background Material
BOT 12 Sunset Policy Review
BOT 13 Membership Dues Categories
BOT 14 Res 18-501: Pennsylvania Medical Society House of Delegates Engagement

Background Material
BOT 15 Res 18-512: Establishing Impactful Regional Medical Societies

Background Material
BOT 16 PAMED Board of Trustees Transparency

BOT 17 PAMED HQ Building/Relocation Issues

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As you might have noticed, the Speakers' request for resolution submission for the 2019 House of Delegates was earlier than in years past. One of the main reasons for this is that PAMED’s senior team, directors, and staff spend a considerable amount of time researching the background for each resolution. In 2018, 65 resolutions were researched. Given the amount of resolutions and background information, it is also important to provide leadership, reference committee participants, and delegates adequate time to read and inform themselves about the issues prior to voting on them. The background will be posted as it becomes available with the goal of having the bulk of the information online by Thurs., Sept. 26 (30 days prior to the opening session of the House of Delegates and before the ORB review on October 9th).

Additional Reference Committee Materials

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