Reference Committee A (Bylaws)

The following resolutions, which will be acted on by the House of Delegates, are intended to provide background and context for those attending the meeting.

As you might have noticed, the Speakers' request for resolution submission for the 2019 House of Delegates was earlier than in years past. One of the main reasons for this is that PAMED’s senior team, directors, and staff spend a considerable amount of time researching the background for each resolution. In 2018, 65 resolutions were researched. Given the amount of resolutions and background information, it is also important to provide leadership, reference committee participants, and delegates adequate time to read and inform themselves about the issues prior to voting on them. The background will be posted as it becomes available with the goal of having the bulk of the information online by Thurs., Sept. 26 (30 days prior to the opening session of the House of Delegates and before the ORB review on October 9th).

2019 Proposed Bylaws Changes

2019 Official Call  
  • Subj. 1: General Housekeeping
  • Subj. 2: Improving the Clarity of the Speaker of the House of Delegates Delegation Authority
  • Subj. 3: Improving Format and Clarity Re: Responsibilities of the Committee on Rules & Credentials
  • Subj. 4: Improving Format and Clarity Re: Composition and Apportionment of Delegates/Alternate Delegates
  • Subj. 5: Improving Clarity of Medical School Representation at the House of Delegates
  • Subj. 6: Bylaws Committee Recommendation Re: Delegate Representation for the Women Physicians Section
  • Subj. 7: Bylaws Committee Recommendation Re: Membership Requirements for Women Physicians Section
  • Subj. 8: Voting Rights of Past Presidents, Past Trustees, and AMA Delegation Chair
  • Subj. 9: Role of AMA Delegation Chair on the PAMED Board of Trustees
  • Subj. 10: Women Physicians Section Membership and Delegate Representation
  • Subj. 11: Component Medical Society Delegate Apportionment
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  • Subj. 12: Adding Additional Voting Seat on PAMED Board of Trustees for County Society Executive
  • Subj. 13: Transferring Responsibility of Electing PAMED Board Chair to the House of Delegates

View all the Proposed Bylaws changes in the 2019 Official Call  

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Submitting a Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws

The following information is intended to guide you through the process of preparing and submitting a proposed amendment to the Bylaws of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (“PAMED”).

2019 Bylaws Amendment Info Packet  

Please be sure to read the Bylaws before you submit a proposed amendment in order to avoid duplicating existing policy.

Proposed amendments must be submitted to Ellen Yasinski, Associate Director of House Operations & Governance, via email ( on or before June 3, 2019.

If you have any questions about the process for submitting a proposed amendment, or wish to propose a change to the Bylaws, please contact either Ellen or Angela Boateng, General Counsel (, for assistance to assure that the intent of your change is properly recorded for full consideration by the 2019 House of Delegates. 

Additional Reference Committee Materials


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