Here’s a look at the progress PAMED is making on resolutions from the 2018 House of Delegates. It will be updated monthly throughout 2019.

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You can find all of PAMED's policies enacted by the House in our 2018-2019 PAMED Policy Compendium or on the Past HOD Proceedings and Actions page. 

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Final 2018 Resolutions:


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Resolution Title Disposition
18-201 Substance Abuse MAT in Prisons Adopted as amended
18-202 Routine Immunization of Older Adolescents Adopted as amended
18-203 Medical Ethics CME Adopted as amended (by substitution)
18-204 SAMHSA HelpLine for Opioid Abuse Adopted as amended
18-205 Firearms Safety Education for Physicians Adopted as amended
18-206 Depression in Older Adults Adopted as amended (by deletion)
18-207 Suicide Prevention in Military Veterans Referred to Board for study
18-208 Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Screenings Adopted as amended
18-209 Accelerated Primary Care Training Programs Adopted as amended
18-210 Feminine Hygiene in Prisons Adopted as amended
18-211 Hygiene and Health Education in Prisons Adopted as amended
18-212 Prison Vaccinations Referred to Board for study
18-213 Med School Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Adopted as amended
18-214 Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Adopted as amended
18-301 Patient Access to Experienced Physicians Adopted as amended
18-302 Medicare Zero Referred to Board for study
18-303 Corporate Practice of Medicine in Pennsylvania Adopted as amended
18-304 Pharmaceutical Safe Harbors Adopted as amended (by del./subst.)
18-305 Parity in Health Insurance Coverage Adopted as amended
18-306 Repealing MIPS and Regulatory Burdens Adopted as amended
18-307 Out of Network Balance Billing Adopted as amended
18-308 Pharmaceutical Pricing Studies Referred to Board for study
18-309 Advocacy on Drug Prices and Shortages Adopted as amended
18-401 Act 70 ASC Compliance Challenges Adopted as amended (by substitution)
18-402 Maternity Leave Adopted as amended (by substitution)
18-403 School Resource Officer Training Standards Adopted as amended
18-404 Reporting Opioid Overdose Episodes Referred to Board for study
18-405 Fair Share Act Physician Liability Modification Not adopted
18-406 Reaffirming Physician Oversight of Care Adopted
18-407 Extreme Risk Protection Orders Adopted as amended
18-408 PAMED and County Legislative Collaboration Referred to Board for study
18-409 DOJ Opinion for MOC Competition Adopted as amended
18-501 2018 HOD Engagement Task Force Adopted
18-502 Advocacy for Accused Physicians Adopted
18-503 Reaffirming County Medical Societies in PAMED Adopted as original
18-504 Transparency of Resolution Research Adopted
18-505 Reaffirming PAMED Policymaking by the HOD Adopted as amended
18-506 PAMED Board of Trustees Transparency Adopted as amended
18-507 Engaging Authors of Referred Resolutions Amended Policy 545.993 adopted in lieu of Res. 18-507
18-508 PAMED Association Health Plan Referred to Board for study
18-509 Refocusing the Care Centered Collaborative (CCC) Adopted as amended (by del./subst.)
18-510 PAMED Financial Transparency Adopted as amended (by deletion)
18-511 Affirming PAMED Purpose and Mission Adopted
18-512 Regional Medical Societies Adopted as amended
18-513 County, Regional, and State Magazines Referred to Board for study
18-514 PAMED Financial Transparency Not adopted
18-515 Reassessment of Unified Dues Model Referred to Board for study as amended (by subst.)
18-516 PAMED Board Transparency Not adopted
18-BOT 2 Comprehensive Women's Healthcare Coverage BOT 2 adopted (17-204 adopted as amended)
18-BOT 3 Medicaid Reform BOT 3 adopted in lieu of Res. 17-301
18-BOT 4 Survey of Healthcare Spending Patterns BOT 4 adopted (Res. 17-412 adopted as amended)
18-BOT 5 PAMED Legal Review of Employment Contracts BOT 5 adopted (Res. 17-505 not adopted)
18-BOT 7 Sunset Review Policy Information report (filed)
18-BOT 8 Membership Dues Categories Information report (filed)
18-BOT 9 HOD Engagement Task Force Information report (filed)