Here’s a look at the progress PAMED is making on resolutions from the 2019 House of Delegates. It will be updated monthly throughout 2020.

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You can find all of PAMED's policies enacted by the House in our 2019-2020 PAMED Policy Compendium or on the Past HOD Proceedings and Actions page.  

Final 2019 Resolutions:


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Resolution Title Disposition
19-201 Screening for HPV-Related Anal Cancer ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-202 Support for Safe Consumption Facilities ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-203 Medical Marijuana Advisory Board Accountability ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-204 Opposing Recreational Marijuana Use ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-205 Support for GME Program Child Care ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-206 Methadone and Medical Marijuana in PDMP NOT ADOPTED
19-207 Restricting E-Cigarette Use ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-301 Physician Communications with Emergency Departments ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-302 Pre-Approval of Pain Patches and Gels NOT ADOPTED
19-303 Removing Opposition to Single-Payer Healthcare ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-304 Financial Incentive to Decrease Obesity in Medicaid Patients ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-305 Prior Authorization Relief ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-401 Wireless Devices and Cell Tower Safety ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-402 Restrictive Covenants ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-403 Physician Suffering ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-404 Repeal of Act 112 ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-405 DOH Physician Communication on Regulatory Issues ADOPTED
19-406 Ban Sale of Energy Drinks to Children ADOPTED
19-407 Cessation of Youth Tobacco Use NOT ADOPTED
19-408 Act 96 and Discretion of Physician Practice ADOPTED
19-501 Recording Executive and Finance Cmte Mtgs ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-502 BOT Use of Consent Calendar NOT ADOPTED
19-503 Physician Appeals Process Re PHP NOT ADOPTED
19-504 PAMED Voting Transparency REFERRED FOR STUDY
19-505 Redistricting Task Force ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-506 Resolution Submission Deadline ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-507 Correction of Inaccurate PAMED Communication ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-508 Review of Delegate Allocations ADOPTED AS AMENDED
19-509 Refocusing the AMA on Its Members NOT ADOPTED
19-510 Transparency in Sale and Building of PAMED HQ NOT ADOPTED
19-BOT 10 Reassessment of Unified Dues Model ADOPTED
19-BOT 11 Financing for Student and Resident Delegates ADOPTED
19-BOT 12 Sunset Policy Review ADOPTED
19-BOT 13 Membership Dues Categories ADOPTED
19-BOT 14 2018 HOD Engagement Task Force ADOPTED
19-BOT 15 Regional Medical Societies ADOPTED
19-BOT 16 PAMED Board of Trustees Transparency ADOPTED
19-BOT 17 PAMED HQ Building/Relocation Issues ADOPTED
19-BOT 18 Corporate Practice of Medicine ADOPTED
19-BOT 2 Suicide Prevention in Military Veterans ADOPTED
19-BOT 3 Prison Vaccinations ADOPTED
19-BOT 4 Medicare Zero ADOPTED
19-BOT 5 Pharmaceutical Pricing Studies ADOPTED
19-BOT 6 Reporting Opioid Overdose Episodes ADOPTED
19-BOT 7 PAMED and County Legislative Collaboration ADOPTED
19-BOT 8 PAMED Association Health Plan ADOPTED
19-BOT 9 County, Regional, and State Magazines ADOPTED