Final 2021 Resolutions

Here’s a look at the progress PAMED is making on resolutions from the 2021 House of Delegates. It will be updated throughout 2022.

Members with questions should contact our Knowledge Center at 800-228-7823 or knowledgecenter@pamedsoc.org

You can find all of PAMED's policies enacted by the House in our 2020-2021 PAMED Policy Compendium or on the Past HOD Proceedings and Actions page.


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Resolution Title Disposition
21-303 Action Regarding Non-Medical Switching Adopt as Amended
21-503 Addressing the Cost of Membership (Member Dues) Not Adopted
21-506 AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) report on PHYSICIAN RESPONSIBILITIES TO IMPAIRED COLLEAGUES: CEJA E-9.3.2 Adopt as Written
21-408 Ban on the Manufacturing of Menthol Tobacco Products by Tobacco Companies Adopt as Amended
21-410 Beef Imported from Namibia Africa into Philadelphia without Country of Origin Labeling Not Adopted
21-505 CCC Transparency and HOD Oversight Responsibility Not Adopted
21-301 Corporate Practice of Medicine Adopt as Amended
21-501 Creating a New Reference Committee that Deals with Pennsylvania Medical Society Finances Not Adopted
21-502 Data Sharing and intake Not Adopted
21-507 Documentation of PAMED Endorsements/Nominations on Behalf of the Organization Not Adopted
21-204 Endorsement of Cultural Competency and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training in Medical Schools Across Pennsylvania Adopt as Amended
21-404 Expanding Access to Buprenorphine for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Adopted as Amended
21-406 Increasing Minimum Staffing Requirements for Dementia Residents in Nursing Homes Refer for Study
21-202 Informing Physicians, Health Care Providers, and the Public that Cooking with a Gas Stove Increases Household Air Pollution and the Risk of Childhood Asthma Adopt as Amended
21-304 Medicaid Eligibility Reform Adopt as Amended
21-407 Medical Use of Psilocybin in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Adopt as Amended
21-508 Option for Virtual Participation for Rural Delegates in Non-Pandemic Times Refer for Study
21-402 PAMED advocate and legislate the pro-competition clause for MOC (Maintenance of Certification) and introduce it at AMA Refer for Study
21-409 PAMED Support for Women’s Reproductive Health Adopt as Amended
21-208 Promotion of Sexual Orientation in EMR and Intake Forms Adopted as Amended
21-209 Racial equity as it relates to the SarsCov2 spike protein Refer for Study
21-401 Reducing Industrial Livestock Agriculture as a Legislative Priority Not Adopted
21-302 Remove Opposition to Single-Payer Health Care Adopt as Amended
21-305 Remove Pennsylvania Medical Society Opposition to Single Payer Not Adopted
21-403 Retention Efforts via Tuition Advocacy for IN-state (RETAIN) Medical Trainees Adopt as Amended
21-504 Sale and Construction of PA MED Headquarters Building Not Adopted
21-203 Support for Doulas Adopt as Amended
21-205 Syringe Exchange Programs Res 21-205 was combined with Res 21-201 which was Adopted as Amended. See 21-201
21-201 Syringe Service Programs in Pennsylvannia Adopt As Amended
21-405 Titular Transparency Not Adopted
21-207 Women's Health Educators Not Adopted
21-206 WPSI (Women's Preventative Services Initiative) Refer for Study