Submit Your HOD Resolutions Online by July 31

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2019

2019 HOD Resolutions are due in:

It’s easier than ever to submit your resolutions for the 2019 House of Delegates (HOD), being held Oct. 25-27 in Hershey, Pa.

  1. 1. Review the Resolution 101 document.
  2. 2. Fill out the online form. Be sure to include all supporting documents with your submission.


Resolutions are due for the 2019 HOD by July 31. Why is the deadline earlier this year? Each year, we get an average of 50 resolutions. The earlier deadline will allow reference committee members adequate time to review the resolutions prior to the HOD.

Please refer to the resolution fact sheet before submitting a resolution. Also, check out these FAQs:


Who may author a resolution?
Any PAMED member


Who may introduce a resolution?
A voting delegate


What should I do before submitting a resolution?
Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Check to ensure that your resolution does not reaffirm existing PAMED policy.

  • If you’re asking for your resolution to be brought to the AMA, check to ensure that it does not reaffirm existing AMA policy.

  • Include key information, including fiscal note and reference materials, with your resolution. 

  • Ensure the title of your resolution appropriately and concisely reflects the requested action.



What is the difference between the Whereas and Resolved(s) statements in a resolution?
The first part of your resolution should be statements beginning with “Whereas” that include introductory facts or circumstances. The Resolved(s) are the request action, and should be able to stand alone without the Whereas statements. If adopted, the Resolved(s) are what become PAMED policy.


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