Proposing an Amendment to the Bylaws of the Pennsylvania Medical Society

Last Updated: May 17, 2019

Submitting a Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws


2019 Bylaws Amendment Info Packet

The following information is intended to guide you through the process of preparing and submitting a proposed amendment to the Bylaws of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (“PAMED”).


(1)        Please be sure to read the Bylaws before you submit a proposed amendment in order to avoid duplicating existing policy. Click on the following link to access the current Bylaws document in its entirety: PAMED Bylaws.

(2)        Be sure to include your name and all information relevant to your proposal including the Bylaws chapter/section you wish to amend, the subject, a description of the proposed change, and the rationale for seeking that change.

(3)        Proposed amendments must be submitted to Ellen Yasinski, Associate Director of House Operations & Governance, via email ( on or before June 3, 2019.

(4)        Delegates seeking to make changes to the proposed amendments are encouraged to submit their language as early as possible prior to the House of Delegates (“HOD” or “House”). Any such changes will be included in the online Official Reports Book (“ORB”) to the extent feasible.

(5)        Submission of proposed changes in advance of the HOD allows other delegates to study them prior to the hearing held on Saturday by the Committee on Bylaws (Reference Committee A). The Bylaws Committee will hear debate on the proposals at the hearing and will consider all testimony in crafting its recommendations to the House.

Adoption of Proposed Amendments


The Official Call to the House of Delegates (“Official Call”) will include the proposed language for each of the amendment subjects. The House will then consider all proposed Bylaws amendments at its meeting in October.

At that time, delegates will have the option to adopt all or a portion of any proposed amendment. Delegates may also adopt amendments that differ from the proposed language as long as the changes are topical and germane.

Following the receipt of a proposed amendment and the recommendations from the Bylaws Committee, the House may amend the Bylaws accordingly at any meeting by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (⅔) of the delegates present or, in the case of the Endowment Fund, by a vote of 75 percent (¾) of the delegates credentialed as of the day of the vote (as provided for in Chapter IV, Section 4—Endowment Fund), provided the text of the proposed amendment has been:

a.          submitted not less than three months, and not more than fifteen months, prior thereto a meeting of the House of Delegates, or to the secretary of this Society by (i) the Committee on Bylaws, or (ii) 15 active or associate members of this Society, whose signatures shall be appended thereto; and

b.         at least two months prior thereto, included in the call for the meeting; and

c.          in the case of the Endowment Fund, recommended to that House meeting for approval by a vote of 75 percent of the   Board of Trustees prior to the meeting, as                   provided for in Chapter IV, Section 4—Endowment Fund.

The Bylaws may also be amended at any special meeting of the House of Delegates in the same manner.  The House of Delegates may determine the effective date of any amendment.


If you have any questions about the process for submitting a proposed amendment, or wish to propose a change to the Bylaws, please contact either Ellen or Angela Boateng, General Counsel (, for assistance to assure that the intent of your change is properly recorded for full consideration by the 2019 House of Delegates. 

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