Oct. 18 - PAMED Delegate eNewsletter

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019

2019 House of Delegates - Oct. 25-27, Hershey, Pa.
Delegate E-Newsletter 

The 2019 House of Delegates (HOD) is only a week away. As you prepare for Hershey, here's some important information:

Before You Arrive in Hershey

  • Do your homework so you can make informed decisions. View resolutions at www.pamedsoc.org/Resolutions . After you log in, click on the Reference Committee you are interested in viewing. Here you can view resolutions individually, or, with the click of a button, download all of the resolutions in that Reference Committee. You can also view background materials and references pertaining to each resolution.
  • If you are registered to attend the Ethics CME presentation on Sat., Oct. 26, there is material we encourage you to read in advance. You can access links to this material here.

When You Arrive in Hershey

  • Download the event mobile app. Resolutions, reports, a schedule of events, and more are available in PAMED's HOD Mobile App. Just search "PAMED House of Delegates" in your Apple or Android App Store. Please note that we are continually updating the app, which is designed to be an onsite resource. We will have an app support table onsite for assistance. You will need to log in to access the advanced features of the app. To log into the app, you will need to have registered for the HOD and be using the same email address.
  • Come to the Registration Desk in the Chocolate Lobby during registration hours. If you’re a delegate/alternate delegate and haven’t registered for the HOD, you will need to register onsite at the Registration Desk in the Chocolate Lobby. Even if you registered in advance to attend the HOD, you must still visit the Registration Desk to confirm your status as a credentialed delegate/alternate and pick up your badge and other materials.
  • Need assistance? Look for any PAMED staff member in the blue shirts – they will be more than happy to assist you.
Other Important Information
  • Weekend schedule – You can find next weekend’s schedule here and in the event mobile app.
  • Resolution endorsements – Endorsements can still be added to resolutions with Reference Committee testimony at the HOD. It is incumbent upon the resolution author(s) to properly seek desired endorsement(s) from any entity and to represent those endorsements accurately to the House.
  • Member feedback on resolutions – Members can provide their feedback on the resolutions prior to the HOD through the forum available on the bottom of each Reference Committee webpage. Posted comments will be shared with reference committee members prior to the HOD. The deadline for comments is the end of the day on Sunday, Oct. 20.
  • Voting for elected leadership positions Election positions and candidates (where known) are in the Election Guide and Election Manual of the Official Reports Book. Want to learn more about your vice president candidates? You can also check out this Q&A . Eligible voters will be able to vote remotely through secure ballot through their smartphone, tablet, or laptop without having to go to the polls to cast their votes. Delegates that have any questions or those that still wish to vote at the polls are also welcome to come to the voting center in Cocoa 6 (opposite the Bear's Den) on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 26, during the designated voting hours (2-4 PM).

    Get more information here.

  • Voting on the House floor Clickers will once again be used this year when the Speaker of the House calls for an electronic vote. Learn more here.
We look forward to seeing you in Hershey next weekend! Thank you for your commitment to the physicians and patients of Pennsylvania.


Your Speakers,

John J. Pagan, MD

John W. Spurlock, MD

Registration Questions? Contact Lauren Newmaster at (717) 909-2691.
Delegate Questions? Contact Ellen Yasinski at (717) 909-2605.

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