Endorsement Clarification from Dr. John Pagan, Speaker of the House of Delegates

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Regarding any endorsement that may be attached to a resolution, Dr. Pagan has clarified: “An endorsement can be added to (or removed from) Resolutions that were previously submitted in a timely manner to the Resolution Endorsement field any time before Thurs., September 26 (30 days before the opening session of the House of Delegates). Endorsements can be added thereafter with Reference Committee testimony at the House of Delegates.”


If you have an endorsement, please submit it in writing - preferably from the endorsing county, specialty or section president or secretary to Ellen Yasinski via email (eyasinski@pamedsoc.org). It is incumbent upon the author(s) to properly seek desired endorsement(s) from any entity and represent those endorsements accurately to the House.

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