August 9 - PAMED Delegate eNewsletter

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Delegates/alternate delegates to the 2019 House of Delegates (HOD) will receive emails from PAMED every other Friday (every Friday as we get closer) with all of the information you need to know.

  • HOD Website: This e-newsletter, along with our HOD website at, is your one-stop shop for all information related to the House of Delegates (HOD).
  • HOD Registration: Please register here no later than Oct. 13. In the past, there has been some confusion about which Registration Type to select. As delegates/alternate delegates, you'll select the Delegate/Alternate Delegate Registration Type.

    Note: If this email has been forwarded to you or you otherwise received this email and you have not been identified by your county, specialty, or section as a delegate/alternate delegate, please do not select the Delegate/Alternate Delegate Registration Type, and instead select the appropriate Registration Type.

  • PAMED Family Events at the HOD: Before completing the Registration Form, don't forget to check out your section events (Early Career Physicians Section, Residents/Fellows Section, Medical Students Section, Women Physicians Section, and International Medical Graduates Section), as well as other PAMED Family events (PAMPAC, the Foundation, the Care Centered Collaborative) under the PAMED Family tab on the HOD website.
  • Hotel Reservation Deadline Sept 24: While the deadline to make your hotel reservation at the Hershey Lodge is Sept. 24, we encourage you to book your room as soon as possible to ensure you get a room if needed. Reserve your room here.
  • Informational Listening Session:  PAMED will be holding a statewide informational listening session on Wed., Oct. 9, 7-9 PM. Register here. This session will provide an opportunity for all district trustees, delegates/alternate delegates, and county medical society/specialty society/section leaders and staff to review the submitted resolutions in preparation for the HOD. PAMED staff will provide a brief review of each of the resolutions. 

    NOTE: Any caucusing held after this listening session would be handled independently.

We look forward to seeing you at the HOD in October! Thank you for your commitment to organized medicine.
Your Speakers,
John J. Pagan, MD
John W. Spurlock, MD
(This email was originally sent to all PAMED Delegates on Aug. 9) 

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