3rd Quarter 2019 PAMED Update

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re only three months away from the 2019 House of Delegates. Here are several updates related to the House of Delegates (HOD) and other PAMED initiatives.

2019 House of Delegates

  • Resolutions for the 2019 HOD are due by Wednesday, July 31. This deadline allows properly constructed resolutions to have appropriate supporting documents attached with accurate fiscal notes so that all delegates will have complete information. Your 2018 HOD (Resolution 504) requires that resolutions and their accompanying reference materials be distributed in advance to Delegates for review prior to the HOD.

  • Resolutions may be authored by any PAMED member, but must be introduced by a voting delegate.

  • Resolutions must be submitted through PAMED’s online form. This ensures consistency in formatting.

  • Find all things HOD at www.pamedsoc.org/HOD. Here you’ll find the HOD Help Center, progress on 2018 resolutions, and more.

  • You can now register for the 2019 HOD here. Only select the “Delegate/Alternate” Registration Type if you’re an identified delegate or alternate.

August Board Meeting

  • The August Board meeting will be held Aug. 14 at PAMED in Harrisburg. PAMED members who would like to attend can contact Betsy Baker at bbaker@pamedsoc.org. The draft agenda can be found here.

Other PAMED Updates

  • Hahnemann University Hospital will be closing on or before Sep. 6. PAMED and component county medical societies understand that this is a blow to the medical community and the residents they serve. We’ve developed this webpage with resources and information in an effort to assist physicians and residents during this difficult time. 

  • PAMED sent a survey to its physician members to assess the patterns of how health care spending is being affected by the consolidation of hospitals and health care network systems and the patterns of insurance carriers creating narrow physician networks. The survey can be accessed here and the deadline to complete the survey is Aug. 30. This survey is in response to Resolution 17-412 and 2018 Board Report 4.

Upcoming Events

Again, thanks for your ongoing advocacy on behalf of your patients, practice, and all of Pennsylvania. Your efforts make all the difference.

Sincerely, your Speakers,

John Pagan, MD

John Spurlock, MD

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