Women Physicians Section

Women Physicians Section Interim Governing Council
(May 1, 2019 – Oct. 25, 2019)

Karen Rizzo, MD, Chair
Hannah Do, MD, Vice Chair
Sherry Blumenthal, MD, Board Trustee
District Representatives: District 1 – Kristy Shine, MD
District 2 – Sheila Brown, MD
District 3 – Renee Frank, MD
District 4 – Dillenia Rosica, MD
District 5 – Carrie DeLone, MD
District 6 – Vacant
District 7 – Vacant
District 8 – Ingrid Renberg, MD
District 9 – Vacant
District 10 – Amanda Laubenthal, DO
District 11 – Jyothi Patri, MD
District 12 – Riddhi Shah, MD
District 13 – Coleen Carignan, MD

House of Delegates (HOD) Information

Women Physicians Section (WPS) Annual Business Meeting: Friday, Oct. 25

HOD Registration: Register for the HOD here. Please pay careful attention to the Registration Type and only register as a Delegate/Alternate Delegate if you have been identified as such by your county, specialty, or section.

HOD Resources: Find all HOD-related information here, including PAMED's new HOD Help Center.

Questions on the WPS or the Section's activities at the HOD? Contact Robin Rothermel at rrothermel@pamedsoc.org.
WPS Leadership Opportunities
The Women Physicians Section (WPS) is currently accepting nominations for the WPS Governing Council. 

WPS Chair, Vice Chair, and District Reps 
Nominations for these positions are due Friday, Aug. 16.

  • Chair: Presides over Governing Council meetings, assigns tasks to Governing Council members, and oversees reports to the Board of Trustees. The term for the WPS Chair position is 2 years.
  • Vice Chair: Chairs Governing Council meetings in the absence of the chair and coordinates programs and projects as assigned. The term for the WPS Vice Chair position is 2 years.
  • District Representatives: Assists with advancing the goals and objectives of the WPS and serves as the "WPS Champion" and the Section's liaison in their region (click here to see districts by county). The term for the district representative positions is 1 year.
The Section will then be voting for the positions of chair, vice chair, and district representatives at its annual meeting during the HOD on Friday, Oct. 25.
If you are interested in running for the WPS chair, vice chair, or a district representative position, please email your intent to run for election, including which position you intend to run for, and your CV to PAMED WPS staff Robin Rothermel by Friday, Aug. 16  to express your interest.

Elections for the chair, vice chair, and district representatives positions will take place during the Section's annual business meeting on Friday, Oct. 25, at the 2019 House of Delegates.

WPS Board Trustee Position - Please note that the nomination deadline for the WPS Board Trustee position was July 26. Elections for the WPS Board Trustee position will take place on Saturday, Oct. 26, at the 2019 House of Delegates.