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Welcome to the House of Delegates website. We designed this site to make it easy for our members to access everything related to PAMED’s annual House of Delegates meeting in one central location – from information and progress on 2018 resolutions to information on the next meeting when it becomes available and more. 

Registration for the 2019 House of Delegates is now closed! 
Rooms are still available at the Hershey Lodge however, the discounted room rate is no longer available for the House of Delegates for Saturday evening. Please call 855-726-3108 to make your reservation.  Questions? Please contact our Knowledge Center at 855-PAMED4U (855-726-3348) or KnowledgeCenter@pamedsoc.org.

2019 HOD Resolutions are available View the Resolutions .
Don't forget to Download the HOD Mobile App to access all the materials in Hershey.

HOD News:

House of Delegates
October 25-27, 2019


June 3,  2019:
Deadline to submit bylaws amendments
Click link to download the 2019 Bylaws Amendment Info Packet.

July 26, 2019:
Deadline to submit names of Delegates and Alternate Delegates as well as Delegate Seating Authorization Forms

July 31, 2019:
Deadline to submit resolutions

Sept 23, 2019:
Student, Resident, and Fellow Poster Contest Abstract Submission

September 24, 2019:
Hotel registration deadline

October 9 & 10, 2019, 
Statewide ORB Review Webinar

October 13, 2019:
Registration Deadline

October 20, 2019:
Resolution Feedback Deadline