PAMED Opposes Bill That Forces Pennsylvania Physicians to Treat Unvaccinated Children

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

The following is a statement from Danae Powers, MD, President of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, on state legislation (HB 286) that would force Pennsylvania physicians to treat unvaccinated children. Under this bill, physicians could not refuse to treat a child whose parent/guardian has chosen to delay or decline one or more vaccines or require them to sign a waiver as a condition for continuing to provide care.

"The latest news about the measles outbreak – both in Pennsylvania and in other states – provides further proof that physicians should do all they can to strongly encourage our patients to get vaccinated. Why would we penalize physicians and discourage them from providing known effective care as well as looking out for the best interest of their patients and community? The Pennsylvania Medical Society opposes this legislation.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society supports vaccination and the establishment of a duty to immunize. This legislation places physicians in an untenable situation to care for a patient who will not accept the physician’s recommendations."

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  1. Holly Hoffman | May 03, 2019

    The day that I, as a pediatrician, am forced to jeopardize my infant and immunocompromised patients' lives and well-being because of the misled and baseless fears of others will be the last day I practice medicine in this state.

    Holly C. Hoffman, MD

    Carlisle Pediatric Associates

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