PAMED and AMA File Amicus Brief in Peer Review Case

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2019

gavel-stethoscope-blueThe Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and the American Medical Association (AMA) have filed an amicus curiae brief, stressing the importance of due process in peer review proceedings, on behalf of the plaintiff, Dr. Terrence E. Babb, in the case of Babb v. Geisinger Clinic. PAMED thanks the AMA for their assistance and support.

Following a peer review decision affirming his termination, Dr. Babb filed lawsuits in state and federal court for breach of contract and wrongful termination amongst other claims. After nearly two decades working through the court system, Dr. Babb’s case proceeded to a jury trial where a jury found that: Dr. Babb had an employment contract with Geisinger, Dr. Babb could only be fired for cause under this contract, and Geisinger had breached this contract when it terminated Dr. Babb’s employment. Geisinger subsequently appealed the jury verdict to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

PAMED and the AMA believe that physicians should be afforded due process whenever their professional careers may be affected for reasons related to their competence. Due process must be followed in peer review hearings not only to protect physician rights, but also to safeguard the integrity of the health care system. Access the AMA’s summary here.

PAMED will continue to follow any developments regarding this case and update members accordingly. 

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