PA Coalition for Patient Access Aims to Find Solutions to Out-of-Network Billing Issues

Last Updated: May 3, 2019

Insurance-FilePennsylvania patients shouldn’t suffer because of issues with insurance companies. Simply put, it’s about ensuring access to quality care.

Protecting patients from out-of-network health care billings must start with fixing the root cause of the problem – tiered and narrow health insurance provider networks and a lack of insurance product transparency. The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) supports solutions that address these issues.

Out-of-Network Billing Advocacy  

PAMED believes that:

  • Patients should have access to health care choices. PAMED supports patient choice and advocates against anything that may interfere with that.
  • Pennsylvania physicians should be reimbursed fairly, regardless of network status.

We participate in meetings and continue to support the PA Coalition for Patient Access – a coalition led by the Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians – to advance legislation and strengthen communications between stakeholders.

Next Steps for the PA Coalition for Patient Access 

Next steps include:

  • The PA Coalition for Patient Access strongly encourages the Pa. House Insurance Committee to hold a future hearing on network adequacy requirements.
  • Stakeholders will continue to have discussions in order to reach a consensus on an appropriate reimbursement methodology to address out-of-network bills.

PAMED will share any updates concerning out-of-network billing with our members.

Out-of-network billing – including related issues such as narrow networks – is one of PAMED’s advocacy priorities for 2019. Learn more about our advocacy priorities at

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