2nd Quarter 2019 PAMED Update - April 26, 2019 (Archive)

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019

It's hard to believe our 2019 House of Delegates (Oct. 25-27 in Hershey, Pa.) is only six months away. Your Speakers have several updates to share with you.

2019 HOD Resolution Submission

Resolutions for the 2019 House of Delegates (HOD) are due by July 31, 2019. This deadline allows properly constructed resolutions to have appropriate supporting documents attached with accurate fiscal notes so that all delegates will have complete information and adequate time to review the resolutions prior to the HOD. Resolutions may be authored by any PAMED member, but must be introduced by a voting delegate.

The process to submit resolutions is now online:

Review the Resolutions 101 document.

Complete the online form.

Helpful tips before submitting your resolution:

Check to ensure your resolution does not reaffirm existing PAMED policy. You can view the 2018-2019 Policy Compendium here. If you're asking for your resolution to be brought to the AMA, check that it does not reaffirm existing AMA policy.

Include key information and supporting documents.

You'll find all things HOD at www.pamedsoc.org/HOD.

2019 HOD Reference Committees

Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to serve on any of our valuable Reference Committees. These committees are indispensable to the PAMED policymaking process and your thoughtful guidance is greatly appreciated.

Advocacy Updates

Physician Advocates Needed at the State Capitol April 29 and April 30, 2019. Legislators need to see as many white coats at the Capitol as possible. If your schedule allows, please plan to attend one or both of these important events.

April 29 - PAMED Advocacy Day
April 30 - Prior Auth Event

Scope of Practice  SB 25, which would allow CRNPs to practice independently without the requirement that they collaborate with a physician, passed out of committee on March 27, 2019. It now awaits consideration by the full Senate. HB 100, a similar bill, was recently introduced in the House. Learn more and educate your legislators why the health care team is better together.

Proposed Venue Rule Changes - PAMED is continuing with its long-term strategy to oppose proposed changes to the state's venue rule. The Pa. Supreme Court has agreed to delay its decision until a report being prepared by the Pa. Legislative Budget and Finance Committee is issued. Stay up to date here.

Bill Tracker/Legislative Update - Finding it hard to keep up with everything that happens at the Capitol that could affect you or your patients? Stay up to date with PAMED's Bill Tracker, and don't forget to check out the Bills on the Hill blog.


April 30 - May 1, 2019, PAMED Board Meeting, Harrisburg, Pa.

June 5, Foundation's Physician Resiliency Summit, Lancaster, Pa.

Sept. 13 - 14, Physicians Legal Issues Conference, Carlisle, Pa.

Again, thanks for your ongoing advocacy on behalf of your patients, practice, and all of Pennsylvania. Your efforts make the difference. 
Sincerely, your Speakers,

John Pagan, MD
John Spurlock, MD

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