Women Physicians Section Third Annual Business Meeting

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2021

On October 27, 2021, the Pennsylvania Medical Society Women Physicians Section held its third annual Business Meeting during the Pennsylvania Medical Society House of Delegates weekend.  The Women Physicians Section Governing Council was joined by fellow Pennsylvania Medical Society members interested in issues related to women physicians with the goal of bringing together like-minded physicians to collaborate and strategize an approach to the House of the Delegates.  Below are a few highlights.

The keystone talk in the Business Meeting was a presentation on implicit bias by guest, Rebekah Apple.  Ms. Apple is the Director of the Master of Medical Management program at Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy.  In addition to being responsible for the direction and strategy of a degree program for physicians and a faculty member of the Ethics course, she is a consultant on bias to hospitals and hospital systems throughout the country.   The talk was instrumental in recognizing and addressing bias in our daily lives, providing tools that physicians can use to initiate conversations related to bias and how biases can be identified and addressed.

Later in the meeting, the elections for Governing Council were reviewed and opportunity for additional candidacy was offered.  Resolutions of pertinence to the Women Physicians Section were reviewed and support provided to those who planned to offer conversation at the House of Delegates.  Subcommittee reports were provided by subcommittee chairs.

As the Women Physicians Section continues to grow, we are looking for new members to learn from and with!

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