UPDATE: Prior Authorization Reform Legislation- Senate Bill 225

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2021

PAMED, along with our coalition partners, including physician organizations and patient advocacy groups, have been meeting for the past several weeks with representatives from Pennsylvania’s Department of insurance (PID) to revise language in Senate Bill 225. The goal of these meetings has been to draft amendatory language that not only meets our reform objectives but also satisfies concerns raised by the state’s insurance regulators.

This week, our coalition met several times with top senate staff to address PIDs most recent concerns. When we began this last round of discussions with PID our goal was to have a final product ready for a full Senate vote by mid-December. However, timing is such that a final vote in the Senate may not come until early in 2022. PAMED will continue to work toward the ultimate goal of reforming the prior authorization process to the benefit of patients across the Commonwealth.

While there isn’t any immediate urgency, physicians should try to meet with their State Senators before the end of December to discuss the impact prior authorization has on patient care. PAMED’s Governmental Affairs team is available for those physicians who may need assistance in meeting with their State Senator.  

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