Two State Medical Societies to Collaborate on Value-Based Care Contracting

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Newark, DE and Harrisburg, PA – April 15, 2019 - Through their subsidiary organizations, the Medical Society of Delaware (MSD) and the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) have agreed to join forces to explore development of a joint approach to pursue value-based care arrangements for physicians in their respective states. 
MSD’s subsidiary, the Medical Network Management Services of Delaware, LLC (MedNet) and PAMED’s subsidiary, The Care Centered Collaborative will collectively identify a pathway for the development of a unique regional enterprise dedicated to improving access to quality care, reducing costs, and improving both patient satisfaction and physician satisfaction in both states. A mutual goal of this initiative will be to provide improved data and analytics resources, enhanced population health management capabilities, and augmented care coordination functions through their technology partner, HealthEC, LLC.
The agreement will foster improvements to address the current inefficient and segmented care delivery for patients in primary care as well as specialty settings.  “We believe we can bring the best of what high-performing, physician-led practices have to offer through a collaboration like this,” said Jaan Sidorov, MD, MHA, who is also the CEO of the Care Centered Collaborative (The Collaborative) at The Pennsylvania Medical Society. The Collaborative’s Clinically Integrated Network is the PA Clinical Network. We can bring the power of our combined practices and our significant expertise to bear for the benefit of the patients we have the privilege to serve. Like our colleagues in Delaware, we have invested in sophisticated population health analytics as well as state-of-the-art case management programs that will help Pennsylvania’s and Delaware’s doctors stay independent.”
“As health care continues to change, and as we move further away from sole reliance on the old, volume-based models of payment to increasingly greater number of value-based payment programs, we will draw on experiences from our partnerships with the PAMED and HealthEC,” said MedNet President, Michael J. Bradley, DO. MedNet is a subsidiary of the Medical Society of Delaware.  “Our primary care physicians and specialists will be rewarded for providing high-quality, cost-effective care, and will be supported as they remain financially and clinically independent. Most importantly, this collaboration will improve outcomes and the overall patient experience, drawing on the important doctor-patient relationships and new, sophisticated population health technologies.”

Mary S. Fenimore
Manager, Community Relations & Communications
Medical Society of Delaware
Jeff Wirick
 Director, Public Relations & Digital Communications
Pennsylvania Medical Society
(717) 909-2651
About the Pennsylvania Medical Society
The Pennsylvania Medical Society helps its 20,000 physician and medical student members return to the art of medicine through advocacy and education. Learn more by visiting or by following us on Twitter at @PAMEDSociety.
About the Care Centered Collaborative (The Collaborative)
The Collaborative was created in 2016 by the Pennsylvania Medical Society to better promote and enable collaboration among physician-led practices and networks. It offers strategic partnerships to help physicians more confidently participate in value-based healthcare models and contracts. Its new Clinically Integrated Network for independent practices, The PA Clinical Network, provides physicians and their care teams the tools, resources and expertise to achieve the highest levels of patient-centered outcomes. Learn more by visiting and or by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
About the Medical Society of Delaware 
The Medical Society of Delaware is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the United States and rich in history. Founded in 1776 and incorporated on February 3, 1789, The Medical Society of Delaware continues its support of physicians in their vigor and spirit to advance the profession, which was the basis for its creation. Its Mission is “To guide, serve and support Delaware Physicians, promoting the practice and profession of medicine to enhance the health of our communities.”
About the Medical Network Management Services of Delaware, LLC (MedNet)
Medical Network Management Services of Delaware, LLC (MedNet), established in 1995, is a subsidiary of the Medical Society of Delaware that provides administrative and contract management services to nearly 900 physicians who participate in one of the four Physician Organizations (POs) in Delaware.  MedNet assists physicians to secure value-based care contracts with payers and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to serve their patient populations. MedNet played a significant role in the first state-wide Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiative as well as the first statewide Accountable Care Organization (ACO) established in Delaware
About HealthEC
A management and technology partner of MedNet, HealthEC, is a 2019 Best in KLAS population health technology company on a mission to help its customers succeed with value-based care. HealthEC®, a single-platform solution, enables personalized healthcare by leveraging the power of connectivity and interoperability: connecting claims and clinical systems, enabling data-driven collaboration between payers and providers, and streamlining care coordination across the healthcare landscape. Organizations are empowered with comprehensive analytics and integrated, role-based tools that translate insights into strategies, address care gaps, and improve quality metrics. To learn more, visit us at, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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