PAMED Tracking Movement on Two Bills This Week

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022

PAMED Tracking Movement on Two Bills This Week

PAMED has been actively monitoring movement on two bills that affect our members in the Pennsylvania State House this week:

  • House Bill 1630 – This legislation will authorize the Auditor General to review and audit subcontracts between managed care organizations (MCOs) and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). PAMED is supportive of this effort. Status: The House Health Committee voted unanimously to move HB1630 out of committee. This legislation will head to the House for consideration.

  • House Bill 1280 – This legislation amends the Patient Test Result Information Act to further define select pieces of language, as well as repealing the definition of “significant abnormality” and provisions related to test results. PAMED is supportive of this legislation. Status: The House unanimously passed HB1280 on third consideration. The legislation will now be heading to the Senate for consideration.

PAMED will continue to monitor and update members on the status of these bills as they progress.

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