Introducing PAMED Health Diversity Task Force

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021


PAMED has heard the call from members and the public and recently formed the Health Diversity Task Force.

Racial and Equity Webinar

Free AMA Webinar: Foundations of Racism in medicine scheduled for     June 29 , at 7pm.

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  • This task force aims to tackle diversity in the physician workforce, inherit and social biases in health care, and diversity and health equity in medical education.

  • We have acknowledged racism as a public health issue, but the disparities go much further than race alone.

  • The pandemic has highlighted the disparities in health care access and outcomes of underrepresented communities and should be heard as a call to action to all of us.

PAMED recently reached out to a variety of stakeholders representing everything from medical schools to state organizations to community organizations that seek to achieve diversity within the community and medicine. Specifically, the Task Force seeks to  partner with individuals and organizations that have experience with education and outreach.

Pillars of PAMED Health Diversity Task Force

  • Diversity in the Physician Workforce
  • Overcoming Inherent and Social Biases in Healthcare
  • Diversity in Medical Education
  • Adding Health Equity in Medical Education

PAMED Health Diversity Task Force Mission Statement

PAMED's Health Diversity Task Force will work to create a culture of diversity and inclusion within PAMED and the Commonwealth of PA by providing educational opportunities and resources that improve understanding and awareness of the effects of racism and discrimination in healthcare and create change through policy to carry out the mission of The Society.

PAMED Health Diversity Task Force Vision Statement

In acknowledgement of the structural racism and cultural inequalities within healthcare and our organization, the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) Health Diversity Task Force will aim to foster change through transparency, community engagement, meaningful collaboration, and the adoption of policies that positively impact PA physicians and patients with the goal of improving health outcomes.



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