PAMED Calls for Reforming Insurer Credentialing

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  1. William Wenner | Mar 09, 2023

    It would be of value if a link to the actual bill were included.  Heaven is in the details. 

    What is the punishment?  How is it adjudicated? Does it require a "clean" application, and who defines if it is clean?

    If all it does is put a time limit, might the insurer just deny the applicant?

    Most physicians are hesitant to make a diagnosis without the needed information, they are hesitant to support legislation without knowing the details.

  2. Joel Laury | Mar 02, 2023

    I completely agree that the credentialing process is unnecessarily long and opaque.  There is no reason that the process should take many, many months.  I speak from recent experience, having dealt with government agencies and private insurers who move at the speed of a glacier.



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