Noncompete Legislation Moves Through the Senate Committee

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  1. Bruce Thomas | Jul 10, 2024

    Noncompete contracts are detrimental to rural areas of Pennsylvania. In Huntingdon County, there are 3 physicians that are barred from practicing in their own town by large health systems. Prohibition of noncompete contracts are necessary to eliminate monopolistic control by large health systems. The current languange, unless amended in the Senate Committee, magnifies the monopolistic practice of large health systems in rural areas since it DOES NOT APPLY TO SMALL RURAL COUNTIES(CLASS 6,7 & 8). This language discriminates against small rural areas that have been devastated by these large health systems. PaMed should investigate the origin of this discriminatory language AND STRONGLY OPPOSE it's inclusion in the final version. I will be discussing this with Senator Judy Ward since the majority of her district includes the rural medical deserts of Huntingdon, Bedford, Fulton and parts of Mifflin County.

    Bruce L. Thomas, MD, FACP

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