Medically Impaired Driver Law

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2022

For years, Pennsylvania law has required health care personnel to report to PennDOT those drivers under their care whose driving skills may be affected by a medically related condition. This is a reminder that according to Section 1518 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code all health care personnel, i.e. all physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners and other persons authorized to diagnose or treat disorders and disabilities defined by PennDOT’s Medical Advisory Board, must report to PennDOT within 10 days, in writing, the full name, address, and date of birth of any patient 15 years of age or older, who has been diagnosed as having a condition that could impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. However, reports are not required if the condition is expected to last less than 90 days; for example, a broken leg would not need to be reported to PennDOT.

For more information about the requirements or the medical reporting forms, please visit the Medically Impaired Driver Law and Medical Reporting Forms pages on the PennDOT Driver &Vehicle Services website.

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