Medical Boards Issues Proposed Regulations Regarding Naturopathic Doctors

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The State Board of Medicine has issued proposed regulations implementing the provisions of the Naturopathic Doctor Registration Act, Act 128 of 2016.

These proposed regulations were published in the Dec. 18, 2021 edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin and can be accessed here.

Act 128 provides for the registration of Naturopathic Doctors. Provisions of Act 128 include qualifications for naturopath registration, registration and renewal requirements, and disciplinary/corrective actions.

Act 128 required the State Board of Medicine to promulgate regulations consistent with the intent of the Act. The Act does not include any provisions regarding naturopath scope of practice. The proposed regulations also do not include any provisions defining scope of practice.

The regulations do stipulate requirements regarding identification of Naturopathic Doctors. The use of the words ''doctor,'' ''physician'' or any title or abbreviation implying licensure as a physician is prohibited. The titles ''Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine,'' ''Naturopathic Doctor'' or the abbreviation ''N.D.' may be utilized.

How Can I Submit Comments?

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments, suggestions or objections regarding this proposed rulemaking:

By mail to: Shana Walter, Counsel, State Board of Medicine, P.O. Box 69523, Harrisburg, PA 17106-9523

Or by e-mail to:

Comments must be submitted by Jan. 18, 2022. When submitting comments include in the subject line ''16A-4953 (Registration of Naturopathic Doctors)''.

Where Can I Find Additional Information?

For a comprehensive list of regulatory items that PAMED is tracking, please visit PAMED's Regulatory Update.

For further information on legal topics, visit PAMED’s Legal Resource Center at PAMED's Legal Resource Center provides quality, timely legal advocacy and resources for member physicians who practice in Pennsylvania.

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