Interview with Dr. Amtul Farheen

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2021

What motivated you to start a local public education program in the field of neurology?

I always wanted to raise awareness of neurology and neurological disorders among the general public, specifically, school age children. As a child, I myself suffered from headaches and I realize the importance of early education. A lot of children can suffer silently from migraine headaches and several have sports related concussions. What better way to raise awareness than starting early in educating K-12 kids and increasing awareness and preventive measures at the school level. I started the school-age program because I wanted to provide them with the tools to fight these conditions early on. We launched it virtually in 2020 and have gotten a great response so far. I find that the kids are really interested in learning more about the brain and nerves, so we try to educate them in a fun way, increase awareness of headaches, and promote prevention of concussions. It also helps us recruit young neuroscientists and neurologists.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and the work you do at the VA?

I’m a neurologist at the Lebanon VA Medical Center. I’ve been working there for about three years now. I’m proud to be serving those who served our nation. I’m also a clinical assistant professor of neurology at Penn State, and am involved in teaching neurology residents who rotate through Hershey Medical Center. I work a lot with the Pennsylvania Neurological Society (PNS) and am the current president. I represent Lebanon County for PAMED’s House of Delegates. I love to advocate for my patients and for my profession and I am driven to provide patient-centered care. 

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