Early Career Physicians Meet with Senator Pat Browne to Discuss Expanded Access to Harm Reduction Services

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Members of PAMED’s Early Career Section have had ongoing discussions about opioid abuse and death, specifically relating to harm reduction. This week, the group met with Senator Pat Browne to discuss his introduction of Senate Bill 926 that expands access to harm reduction services.

The legislation will allow the Commonwealth to better address the rise in both viral Hepatitis, HIV, and overdose deaths by expanding the access to public health intervention of syringe services programs.

When asked what physicians can do to get this bill across the finish line, Senator Browne said “Personal meetings. Especially from credible people like yourselves. To me, that is a very meaningful exchange... there is probably no more compelling exchange to a legislator.”

At the 2021 House of Delegates, PAMED passed a policy stating that it will actively support advocacy for syringe services programs across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Including support of legalization and public funding of syringe services programs and harm reduction programs.

In attendance from the section were Drs. James Latronica, Michael Best, Kayla Richardson, Michael Matean Aziz, and Anastasia Neil, as well as PAMED legislative affairs staff Dave Thompson and Zac Gates. Thank you to Dr. Latronica, the chair of the Early Career Section for his leadership on this issue.

PAMED Members interested in participating in grassroots advocacy efforts like this call, and for tips and tricks for successful advocacy efforts like personal meetings should join our Be Heard Advocates platform at www.pamedsoc.org/advocates.

Does this pique your interest? Join the Early Career Section! Contact KnowledgeCenter@pamedsoc.org

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