Department of Health Update on Medical Marijuana Regulations

Last Updated: Mar 9, 2023

On March 4, 2023, the Department of Health (DOH) published the final form regulations to implement the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, replacing the current temporary regulations with permanent regulations.

On the same day, all grower/processors and approved laboratories were notified that the Commonwealth Court issued an Order temporarily enjoining DOH from enforcing § 1171a.29(c)(1)-(2) of DOH's Regulations (relating to medical marijuana), in Green Analytics North, LLC d/b/a Steep Hill PA, et al. v. DOH. The Order grants a stay of the implementation of § 1171a.29(c)(1)-(2) of DOH's Regulations, 28 Pa. Code § 1171a.29(c)(1)-(2), effective immediately and until further order of the Court. Please note that the stay is only applicable to § 1171a.29(c)(1)-(2). Please visit the Medical Marijuana page of the Department of Health website for future updates regarding this Order.

PAMED will release a summary of the regulations soon. Information on the regulations can be found at the following links from the March 4th edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin:

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