Highlights of 2021-22 State Budget Proposal and Governor Wolf’s Legislative Agenda

Last Updated: Feb 4, 2021

On Feb. 3, 2021, Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his 2021-22 budget address. Noteworthy health care-related items in the governor’s budget proposal include funding for:

Health Care Reform

  • Governor Wolf’s budget proposal aims to address comprehensive health care reforms that focus on physical and behavioral health and promoting affordability, accessibility, and value in health care. 

  • Under the budget proposal, the Health Value Commission is charged with keeping all payers and providers accountable for health care cost growth, with the goals of providing for the long-term affordability and sustainability of our health care system and promoting whole-person care.  

The final budget will need to be approved by both the House and Senate. As we do each year, the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) will closely monitor budget negotiations, and we will share any updates on issues that may impact physicians and patients.

For more details on the budget proposal, check out this Budget-in-Brief summary released by the Governor’s Office. Additional information on the proposed budget can be found on the Pa. Office of the Budget website. You can also read the Governor’s press release on the budget here.

Noteworthy health care-related highlights of Governor Wolf’s 2021 Legislative Agenda, include:

Make it Easier for Pennsylvanians to Enter High-Demand Professions  

  • Governor Wolf has worked with the legislature to significantly improve the professional licensing process in Pennsylvania, including reducing obstacles for military spouses and those reentering the workforce after incarceration.

  • The Governor and his administration plan to continue to examine what licensure barriers still exist, particularly for veterans and new Pennsylvanians, and pursue additional reforms to better support workers and strengthen our economy.

Legalize Recreational Marijuana   

  • In 2017, Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana through bipartisan legislation. There has been a push to legalize recreational marijuana, which is part of the Governor’s 2021 Legislative Agenda.

  • PAMED has policy opposing marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

Learn more about Governor Wolf’s 2021 Legislative Agenda here

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