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Official Reports Book

The following reports and information, which are not acted on by the House of Delegates, are intended to provide background and context for those attending the meeting.

Materials will be posted as they become available.

Address of the President—Charles Cutler, MD, MACP

Address of the President Elect—Theodore A. Christopher, MD, FACEP

2017-2018 PAMED Bylaws

2017-2018 PAMED Policy Compendium

2017 AMA Delegation List

2017 Full Election Manual

2017 HOD Proceedings

2017 HOD Action Report

2018 Official Call

2017 One Page Election Guide

2017 Order of Business

2017 Standing Rules

Auditors' Report

Board of Trustees Terms

Board Report 1 - Resolutions considered by the 2016 House of Delegates

Board Report 2 - Expansion of the Affiliate Member Category

Board Report 3 - Resolution 16-203

Board Report 4 - Resolution 16-406

Board Report 5 - Resolution 16-408

Board Report 6 - Resolution 16-506

Board Report 7 - SUNSET POLICY

Board Report 8 - MEMBERSHIP DUES

Board Report 9 - Resolution 15-204

Committee to Nominate Delegates and Alternates to the AMA Report

Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Pennsylvania Medical Society

Ex Officio Members

Executive Vice President Report

Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Report

HOD Procedures Book

Members Eligible for Election to the Judicial Council

Memorial Resolution - Baltz

Memorial Resolution - Brucker

Memorial Resolution - Lander

Memorial Resolution - McCune

Memorial Resolution - Seth

Memorial Resolution - Shuman

Memorial Resolution - Tasman

Necrology Report

PAMED Membership Figures Map


Parliamentary Procedures Chart

Pennsylvania Delegation to the AMA Report

Pennsylvania Medical Society Presidents

Reference Committee Members

Seating Plan for the 2017 House

Secretary's Report

Speakers' PAMPAC Report

Treasurer's Report