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Scholarships Inspire Medical Students to a Lifetime of Helping Others

Where are they now?

This year, we are following up with past Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society scholarship recipients starting with the Myrtle Siegfried, MD, and Michael Vigilante, MD, Scholarship winners. We checked in with these bright winners to see where they are in their medical careers and how the scholarship inspired their success!

About the Myrtle Siegfried, MD, and Michael Vigilante, MD, Scholarship Fund:

After their parents' deaths in 1996, countless letters were sent from their patients to Elena Pascal and Carla Vigilante commenting on how their parents had influenced their lives and had cared for their physical and mental well-being. They felt that their parents taught them to care about friends and family, yet also give back to the community that was so much a part of their lives. The medical community in the Lehigh Valley was their life, and both parents were members of the Lehigh County Medical Society, the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and the American Medical Association for more than 50 years. Dr. Siegfried was also a member of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance.

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2016 Scholarship Winner

Elena Pascal presents the $1,000 Myrtle Siegfried, MD,
and Michael Vigilante, MD, Scholarship to
Lucas T. Wittman, son of Chris and Wendy Wittman, of Macungie. He attends Harvard Medical School, in Boston.

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Lucas T. Wittman...

Past Recipients of the Dr. Myrtle Siegfried and Dr. Michael Vigilante Scholarship Fund Scholarship

2015 Scholarship Winner

Shenel (Franklin) Heisler

Medical Student Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

2014 Scholarship Winner

Ramzy Nagle

Medical Student Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia

2010 Scholarship Winner

Punit Singh Anesthesiology Resident Penn State Hershey Medical Center

2013 Scholarship Winner

Aubri Charnigo

Medical Student Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Nashville, Tenn.

2012 Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth Miller, MD

Diagnostic Radiology Resident at Beaumont Health System in Michigan

David Carrier, MD

Dr. Carrier received the scholarship in 2006. He is a practicing family physician in Nashville, Tenn.

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Lt. Cmdr. Loretta Stein

Foundation past scholarship winner Lt. Cmdr. Loretta Stein’s current adventure has her living in Yokosuka, Japan, outside of Tokyo. She serves in the U.S. Navy as the staff ophthalmologist at the U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka and the only military ophthalmologist on mainland Japan.

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A special thank you to our Award Winners!

Foundation Executive Director Heather Wilson says, “We are inspired every day by our scholarship winners and the success they find in this profession that ultimately helps humankind. Throughout 2017, we will be featuring their stories and their advice to current medical students on our website. We invite you to share your experience with this scholarship or any of the other scholarships we offer to medical students.”

In the photo on the right, Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Executive Director Heather A. Wilson, MSW, CFRE, holds her granddaughter and future leader, Evangeline.

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