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Assistance to Hospitals and Other Health Care Organizations

Hospitals and other health care organizations rarely have the funding, sources, or monitoring capabilities to effectively address issues surrounding physician impairment.

The PHP can intervene, credential, and monitor a physician suffering from an impairing condition.


Needs Assessments: Assists individual health care organizations with identifying specific needs related to impairment issues. Staff explores ways hospitals can use the PHP's resources and recommends ways the PHP, the hospital administration, and the medical staff can work together to address critical issues.

Intervention: Offers resources and capabilities for rapid investigation and prompt intervention to assist a physician through the early stages of impairment, and helps the organization decide how and when to act in the best interests of the physician.

Advocacy: Acts as a liaison with legal entities, such as the licensure boards, on behalf of the physician and the hospital. The PHP is the designated impairment program for the State Board of Medicine and the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine.