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Referral Process



While documentation is collected during the monitoring process, the PHP acts behinds the scene as an advocate to provide periodic reports on the participant’s behalf to designated parties. In doing so, participants receive support which could easily determine the likelihood of future practice. Moreover, the PHP is available to testify in hearings on the behalf of participants, if permission is granted.

Peer decision bodies that could receive program monitoring reports could include:

  • Employers/hospitals
  • Medical schools or residency programs
  • Credentialing departments
  • State Boards of Medicine/Specialty Boards
  • Other state PHPs
  • Insurance companies
  • Attorneys
  • Other court and legal systems

The PHP has restored more than 4,000 careers, repaired countless relationships, and helped provide participant’s the tools and confidence to remain a vibrant member of the health care community.  Release of Information Form

If you have questions or need more information, contact me!

Kendra E. Parry, MS, CADC, CIP, CCSM
Director, Physicians’ Health Program
Phone: (866) 747-2255 or (717) 558-7819