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Direct Your Gift

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Since 1954, the Foundation has served the needs of Pennsylvania's physicians during life's most challenging moments.

Your gifts keep the Foundation moving forward to provide philanthropic opportunities for medical students and physicians. A general contribution can support a number of Foundation program needs; however, a gift can make a difference in many ways.

Area of Greatest Need

Unrestricted gifts provide flexible support for a variety of Foundation needs:


The Physicians' Health Program (PHP) endowment supports future physicians in need of recovery services. Unrestricted endowments are always needed to support general Foundation needs.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

A gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares that have been held at least one year can be claimed as an income tax deduction at the market value of the security at the time of transfer. Plus, you'll avoid any capital gains tax on the appreciation.

  • Stocks: Under current IRS regulations, appreciated stock is valued for gift purposes at the mean of the high and low trading prices on the date of the gift, multiplied by the number of shares given.
  • Bonds: The gift value is the mean of the highest and lowest selling prices on the date of the gift.
  • Mutual Funds: The gift value is the last public redemption price or bid quoted on the date of the gift.


To learn more, contact:
Marjorie M. Lamberson, CFRE, Director
(800) 228-7823, ext. 7846 (in PA only)
(717) 558-7846