LifeGuard Re-Entry/Re-Instatement Assessments

For a multitude of reasons, a physician may choose to leave the active practice of medicine. Illness, raising a family and caring for parents are just a few of the difficult life challenges that may require a physician to take an extended leave of four or more years.

Each state licensure board has different requirements regarding the time away from medicine that requires the completion of a re-entry program as a requirement for returning to the active practice of medicine.

The LifeGuard Re-Entry/Re-Instatement program is designed to evaluate a physician's clinical skills and readiness to re-enter the workforce. We provide an unbiased, targeted assessment that can validate a doctor's competency and, when needed, identify deficiencies with a recommended path for remediation to address concerns in the most efficient manner possible.

When Can the LifeGuard Re-Entry/Re-Instatement Program Help?

When a physician is seeking re-instatement and/or re-entering practice, LifeGuard's assessment program can be a valuable resource. For example, a physician who left the practice of medicine to pursue other passions may find that they want to return to medicine after a six-year absence. To return to the practice of medicine, he or she will need an assessment to re-instate their medical license.

Some physicians may want to make career changes, such as moving to another field of practice, but need support to achieve their goals. This is another situation where LifeGuard's physician re-entry program can be of assistance.

Our physician re-entry assessments include evaluation of medical knowledge and clinical skills, as well as a neurocognitive screen. We utilize simulation labs, standardized patients, peer review and preceptor experiences to obtain an accurate picture of a physician's clinical skills.

How the Program Works

After obtaining background information through an initial call, we determine an individualized assessment approach that will benefit the physician and/or healthcare organization. When applicable, LifeGuard will provide detailed information to the referring entity regarding that approach and then issue a proposal to the participant. Once the proposal is accepted, our directors provide the physician with personal assistance and guidance to ensure that all components of the physician re-entry program are completed.

The LifeGuard Mission

LifeGuard has provided physician re-entry assessments and many other services since 2011. We are a nationally recognized and trusted, unbiased and reliable resource for physicians and healthcare organizations alike. We tailor our services to the individual needs of healthcare professionals, with the goal of enhancing the quality of medical care throughout our state.

LifeGuard serves as a referral source for medical licensing boards, helps organizations meet the goals and objectives of state licensure board and federal corporate integrity agreements, and much more. We perform practice-based exams and assessments as well as evaluations to determine a physician's fitness for duty. Our staff members are also proficient in assessing a physician's knowledge, skill and functional capacity.

Every service we offer is provided with the goal of making sure patients continue to be cared for in the safest, most effective manner. Our assessments are always conducted with the utmost care and respect, and our programs are designed to be as convenient as possible for participants, while ensuring thoroughness.

If you would like to learn more about the LifeGuard Re-Entry/Re-Instatement program, please call (717) 909-2590 or contact us online.