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Provides medical licensing boards with a referral resource for physicians who wish to reenter the practice of medicine after an absence or for reinstatement of a license following a disciplinary action.

LifeGuard selects various Assessment Tools to measure clinical competence as part of the case management process. A unique and common component involves time in an active practice setting through a customized preceptorship or shadowing arrangement. 

In addition, LifeGuard will develop individualized recommendations for remediation, as required, based on deficiencies identified through the assessment process. The recommendations for remediation afford the physician the opportunity to refresh knowledge and skills.

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Completion of LifeGuard does not guarantee a favorable action by a licensing board or other referring entity, nor does it guarantee future employment

Quality of Care/Career Transition

Provides entities and organizations with a resource to address suspected or already evident quality of care issues by assessing a physician's medical knowledge and clinical decision-making skills. Also assists physicians who would like to transition their career specialty by assessing the level of clinical competence of the desired new specialty.

LifeGuard selects various Assessment Tools to measure clinical competence as part of the case management process. A unique and common component involves time in an active practice setting through a customized preceptorship or shadowing arrangement.

For more information about LifeGuard's Quality of Care/Career Transition pathway, please call (717) 909-2590, or email info@LifeGuardProgram.com.

Fitness for Duty

Provides a resource to measure physical and cognitive status. Core components of the assessment include an independent, objective measurement of cognitive and physical functioning, as well as fine motor skills. These assessments may become necessary as physicians age, have a change in medical status, or if there are concerns with patient safety. Clinical skills can be assessed, if necessary.

For more information about this pathway, please call (717) 909-2590, or email info@LifeGuardProgram.com.

Consent Agreement and CIA Fulfillment

Provides assistance with meeting the goals and objectives outlined in a consent agreement issued through a state licensure board or a federal corporate integrity agreement. Services can include but are not limited to regular practice monitoring; documentation and coding audits; improving methods of documentation, which can include moving from handwritten documentation to an EHR; as well as implementation of best practices. 

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