The LifeGuard Mission

LifeGuard strives to provide comprehensive clinical competency assessments tailored to the individual needs of healthcare professionals. LifeGuard also develops individualized recommendations for remediation (as applicable) based on deficiencies identified through the assessment process or as required by a state licensure board or a federal corporate integrity agreement.

We aim to facilitate higher performing physicians, improved patient safety, and quality of medical care provided through carefully customized programs and individual case management.

When a situation arises wherein a physician’s medical knowledge, clinical skills, or health status are called into question, LifeGuard is a resource for the physician or other referring entities. LifeGuard’s pathways, inclusive of recommended remediations, are uniquely tailored to the individual needs and specialty of each physician.


  • State boards of medicine
  • Hospitals and healthsystems
  • Physician group practices
  • Healthcare attorneys
  • Physicians


  • Reentering the practice of medicine
  • Seeking reinstatement of license
  • Concerned with clinical decision making and patient care management
  • Consistency of care provided is in question
  • Transitioning career or specialty
  • Clinical skills deficiencies are suspected or already evident
  • Addressing neurocognitive concerns
  • Measuring fitness for duty
  • Proctoring is needed to evaluate clinical skills onsite
  • Complying with consent agreements or CIAs

Time Frame

Participants have completed LifeGuard in as little as two (2) months or as long as twelve (12) months. Variables affecting the time frame include:

  • Length of time away from active clinical practice
  • Assessment program components utilized
  • Remediation based on identified deficiencies
  • Dedication level and active involvement of participant
  • Time limits expected of referring entity

Overview of Case Management Process

  • Background information is gathered through an initial intake call and completion of an application
  • Based on information gathered, a case management approach is formulated by LifeGuard’s Medical Directors and Program Director
  • Interaction occurs with referring entity (when applicable) regarding the proposed approach
  • The participant is issued a proposal
  • Upon acceptance of proposal, program components are scheduled
  • Personal guidance and assistance through each program component is provided
  • Final report is prepared and delivered to the participant and the referring entity

Completion of LifeGuard does not guarantee a favorable action by a licensing board or other referring entity, nor does it guarantee future employment.