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Winter 2017 Connections Available Now!

In this year's winter edition of Connections, LifeGuard highlights an essential resource that could help you comply with documentation. Some vital components include determining when to use opioids, assessing and addressing risk, outlines of the prescription drug monitoring program, and many others.

We also provide a recap of this year’s House of Delegates, Foundation staff updates, scholarship recipients, a medical student perspective and resources from the PHP, and a newly established partnership to assist members with financial health.

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Impact Report

The 2016 Impact Report of the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society offers an overview of our accomplishments and impact on the physician community we serve.

All of our 2016 milestones are highlighted in this report, from the lifesaving effects of Physicians' Health Program to the advocacy and support our LifeGuard® program offers for participants. Also, Student Financial Services offers scholarships and loans at favorable interest rates to Pennsylvania medical students.

Please consider this Annual Report your guide to our programs and how we can help you and your colleagues. We're here when you need us.

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 Past impact reports: 2015 Annual Report, 2014 Annual Report

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