Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: No, you can order the quantity you need from the supplier.

Q: What are the costs?
A: You will pay for the cost of the supplies and the shipping in one transaction.

Q: What PPE items are available? 
A: The supplier continues to update the list of products. Currently you can purchase disposable masks, KN95 masks, isolation gowns, disposable gowns and face shields.

Q: I just saw the PPE announcement; how do I order?
A: Orders can be placed online at

Q: When will I get my order?
A: You should receive the shipment within approximately 4 weeks (the pandemic and recent demonstrations are lengthening the delivery time) from the time the order is placed. If you have any questions about your order, you can contact Action PPE directly at

Q: How are the prices set?
A: Prices are set by the independent third-party manufacturer and supplier. Prices are fair and cost competitive for the quantities that end consumers are purchasing. Across the supply chain, raw material input costs are up, factory pricing even in 1M unit orders is several times what it was 6 months ago. And because people are dying at an alarming rate, most consumers want their masks ASAP resulting in an increase in freight charges. Add in new Chinese medical export certificate requirements and FEMA seizing mask shipments. The supplier is doing its best to keep costs down.

PAMED is receiving absolutely no compensation for making this service available to our members. If members can find PPE at a cheaper price, please share your information and we will make it available to the membership.

Q: I am concerned about the quality of the KN95, can you tell me about the manufacturer? 
A: Over 40% of masks produced globally are produced in China. Unfortunately, many N95 and KN95 are fake and do not meet NIOSH or CE specifications. This has rightfully caused a huge concern among care providers. Be careful not to purchase fake masks.

The KN95 masks provided via ActionPPE are manufactured by Anhui Moke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in Anhui province, China under the brand name MOKE KN95.  

The FDA set a directive on April 3rd, 2020 allowing for the use of KN95 masks from China . The KN95 standard is functionally equivalent to the US NIOSH N95 in filtration efficiency as per this 3M technical bulletin comparing N95, KN95, and FFP2 masks:

In addition, ActionPPE has done the following due diligence on the MOKE factory and KN95 product:

  1. ActionPPE works ONLY with vetted suppliers who have staff on the ground in China to inspect factories in-person. The supplier’s local Chinese staff have done an on-site inspection of the Moke factory in Anhui, met with Moke factory managers, inspected the masks and reviewed the test results and certifications.
  2. We require valid US FDA/NIOSH, EU CE, and/or China FDA certifications. Moke has a valid KN95 EU CE product certification. Go to this EU CE site:  and search this Certificate Number: 5C200413.AMMTQ95. In addition, the official test report from the 3rd party lab is available in the updated Moke product spec sheet. It shows a filtration efficiency of the 15 sample masks to have a FE% of 98.6% to 99.7%, exceeding the NIOSH N95 95.0% specification.


  3. Each shipment is inspected by the supplier staff BEFORE it leaves China.
  4. Suppliers are REQUIRED to be a US company with a validated IRS Tax ID number (EIN).
  5. Additionally, ActionPPE performs our own independent testing with Nelson Labs (Salt Lake City, UT) .



PAMED and ActionPPE are offering this service to provide access to an independent third-party manufacturer and supplier of PPE during the COVID-19 emergency. Neither PAMED nor ActionPPE have altered the products sold in any way. As such, PAMED and ActionPPE cannot guarantee proper or timely fulfillment of any of the items ordered, and no claims, representations, or warranties, whether expressed or implied, are made by either PAMED or ActionPPE as to the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of any of the products. Furthermore, PAMED and ActionPPE accept no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of the products.



June 16 – For those who have not received their orders and placed them prior to June 11, 2020, we expect the product to arrive within the next 10 days. Any orders placed after June 10 will be shipped directly to the purchaser.

We will post updates here on our PPE orders as we receive them.

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