The Pennsylvania Medical Society is working with the ActionPPE project launched by the Charleston County Medical Society in South Carolina to bulk purchase PPE on behalf of our member physicians and their practices. We know that obtaining adequate PPE has been a monumental challenge for some of our practices and we are excited to announce this partnership.

In order to maintain the bulk pricing, we must amass a critical number of orders. As soon as the critical number is achieved, the order will be placed and PAMED expects to receive the shipment within 14-17 days.

The orders will be shipped to the PAMED building in Harrisburg where practices may pick the order up at our building during designated times.

If you aren’t able to come to the PAMED building in Harrisburg, you may select “Ship to me”. Those that select “Ship to me” will be charged separately. A member of PAMED’s Knowledge Center will contact you by phone with the shipping charges and to obtain your credit card information.

Orders must be a minimum of $500.

All placed orders are final. There are no refunds and no cancellations.

You must be a PAMED Member to place an order


May 20 – All orders are expected in house by mid-week the week of May 25th

We will post updates here on our PPE orders as we receive them.