Recent Licensure, Certification Scams Target Pennsylvania Physicians

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Fraud-Alert-sign-articleThis April, the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) began hearing from physician members who have been receiving fraudulent correspondence or phone calls concerning licensure status and/or certification.

PAMED has reached out to both the State Board of Medicine and the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine to notify them about the issue.

All physicians, regardless of specialty, should be on the alert for these types of scams. If you are ever unsure, contact PAMED’s Knowledge Center at 855-PAMED4U (855-726-3348) or for assistance.

Here are details we've learned about some of these scams.

Phone Scam

A physician advised us that they had received an automated robo call identifying themselves as PAMED. The caller's message said that the physician's license had expired and to call the number back as soon as possible.  

This call did NOT originate from PAMED. PAMED does not initiate robo calls.

Email Scam

Some members have received a fraudulent email asking them to click on a link to verify licensure status. The email includes the subject line “Maintenance of Licensure (MOL): ACTION REQUIRED.” It claims that “The state of Pennsylvania requires annual validation of each provider’s basic demographic information for the purpose of Maintenance of Licensure (MOL).”

Physicians are advised not to click on the link included in the email or to provide any personal information in response to it. The State Board of Medicine has confirmed that they did not send or authorize the email. Pennsylvania does not participate in any Maintenance of Licensure program.

You can view a sample copy of the scam email here.

Mail Scam

PAMED has also received reports of cardiologists receiving fraudulent mail correspondence from a fictitious organization called the “American Board of Cardiovascular Disease,” asking them to complete a form and submit a $500 payment in order to continue certification in cardiology. View a copy of the letter here.

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